Trying to import bunnyhop into other gamemodes.

I been recently trying to import bhop movement from a bhop gamemode into other gamemodes much like how some Murder server did it (which I am not gonna mention here.)
I been only doing this because there is no bhop plugin online or on the workshop. Only thing I got in the workshop was autojump but not bhop movement and that got me nowhere.
I was using Flow’s bhop gamemode template but no matter what, I just basically imported CS:GO like bhops into GMod. I was still wondering how to do the velocity side of things. I was looking at other posts and this got me no where. Since I felt like I was already just looking at old versions of GMod lua.
Right now I just used the include(“example.lua”) in init. those lua files were “core_player” and “sv_player”. sv_player was modified to remove timer and default playermodel. I would rather find a actual bhop plugin that works
in sandbox and other gamemodes but I’m here basically stuck in the pic. Any ideas how to add bunnyhop in sandbox and other gms?
(and if you need to provide links to any other post because either I’m using the wrong gamemode for some reason or that there was this plugin before that works on GMod 13. etc.)
[only reason I put this here because it lies between help and support and I just realized that I saw developer discussion and I feel like I’m already stupid…]
Edit: how do I do that now?

I would bring this to the development section.

No seriously can someone move this or is it not possible?