Trying to import player animations from Github into Blender

After reading this -

I saw there’s a Github link containing all the player animations.

I extracted the example Kleiner from the zip file, and loaded it into Blender, I then tried importing a taunt animation -** taunt_dance.smd**.

And it just exploded Kleiner’s bones in Blender, the animation would play, and you could sort of tell it was the dance animation, but it was demolished, with the bones all over the place.

It does the same with the swim animations, shoot animations, reload animations, and a few others.

I have no idea why it’s doing this, but maybe someone experienced with Blender could help.

I’m going to guess it’s because the actual animation file has absolute bone positions. When you import whatever_anm into your model, it converts the bone positions in the packed SMDs to relatively match your model’s bone positions. That’s why any playermodel in-game, no matter what their size or bone position can taunt normally.

Hmm. So they use absolute positions in any new animations? Such as reloading and shooting?

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Because when I import the animation without any models, the bones are fine, and the animation works normally.

Yeah; if you look in the SMD for reloading and shooting, you’ll notice absolute x, y, z, and rotation positions for each bone per frame. And I’m not sure if there’s a way to scale in Blender like that.

What were these animations made in? Maybe it’s just Blender that’s borking them up?

3DS Max most likely for the GMod ones since MaxofS2D made them, but I doubt Blender is screwing up

Here’s a few screenshots to show what’s happening.

Imported swim_n.smd onto character skeleton.


As you can see it’s completely messed up.

Imported swim_n.smd onto it’s own skeleton.


But on it’s on skeleton it’s just fine?