Trying to improvise a splitscreen mode.

I’m thinking of using my shitty little laptop to run Gmod and have the screen on the main, competent computer render both its player and the laptop player’s screen at once. I’d use the steam offline log-in-the-same-account-on-two-computers-and-LAN trick. Problem is, I need to find a mod that allows you to divide your screen into two parts and watch what you’re doing in one half and the other person in the other. It doesn’t need to render the other person’s HUD (I can still do that with the laptop I think) but it needs to be able to otherwise show whatever the other screen would show if it wasn’t on a netbook going at 4 frames per second.

Any advice?


Know what? Fuck it. Shooting an explosive barrel on my netbook made it BSoD. This isn’t going to work.

Who in their right mind tries to run any game not flash based on a netbook.

If you saw network instead of netbook above it’s because my android phone apparently doesn’t know what a netbook is and replaced it with network. Sigh.

Or Java. 2D is fine. 3D is a bit iffy.