Trying to make a 3D skybox, it's hard.

Yeah, so I’ve been attempting to make a 3D skybox and have been presented with problem after problem. Things like, the skybox not showing up at all, or brushes showing up in the distance. It’s just a mess.

Would someone be so kind as to post an in-depth tutorial on making one? I’ve tried interlopers and it hasn’t helped.

Try the question threads next time

I’m getting this problem, it’s showing my map in the distance, but the skybox works nonetheless.

Don’t compile vvis on fast.

I posted a thread about this earlier today, and I was answered via a youtube video.

Good job linking him to it, thanks for your contribution.


Sure, no problem, even though my thread was about 7 or 8 threads down.

It’s not, it’s on normal.


Thanks, except I’m making a 3D skybox, not 2D.

That IS a 3d skybox. If you at least TRIED it and played on the map, you would see it’s 3D, looking exactly like the sky in gm_flatgrass

No that’s a 2d skybox bro.

3d would be having mini props in the sky that show up big. Gm_construct has one.

How about this?

That’s 3d yes. Flatgrass has a 2d