Trying to make a Battlefield Sniper pack

Ive been looking on Gamebanana and Garry’s Mod sites for some sniper rifle weapons that have a V_model and a W_model. A number of them are a bit harder to find. One which is one of my favorites is the SV98, which no one has made either model for at all. Reason Im trying to do this is cause I downloaded Battlefield F2P and extracted the 1st and 3rd person sound files for these weapons. I can also do pistols and and some of the shotguns, everything else, forget it. The rifles I cant seem to find are the SV98 & SVU-A. I might find the GOL, but if someone could give me a link to the other 2, it would help alot. I plan on having the addon use the GDC SVN code or similar to GDC so I dont have to make a updated version. Any Help would be nice.