Trying to make a character creation system

Bassicly iam trying to make a character creation system which is similar to the one in fallout or skyrim you can change your characters clothes hair etc.
I know this is going to take lots of work but does anyone know where to start?

Start with learning GLUA?

Whats the diffrence between lua and GLua And what is it neccasary in doing this. just wondering

GLua is basically Lua with extended operators and functions. (Garry’s version of Lua)

GLua isn’t much off Lua. Start by watching tutorials on YouTube.

Alright, Thank you but Tutorials about what


I meant what part like derma or something like that iam just curious

If people have to hold your hand every step of the way you won’t make it very far. Part of the essence of being a great developer is exploring for yourself, but yes derma is recommended.

Alright thank you

Fell free to add me, i like helping people with their first steps with GLUA.