Trying to make a full content server

Hello, this is my first post here :slight_smile:

I’m trying to make as the title said, a dedicated server with all the optional games mounted on it, but this is becoming a pain in the a** with some games. At this moment I’m trying to get D.I.P.R.I.P. (diprip) to be mounted properly but I’m missing something, please help.

Server is a Debian 8, updated with dependencies and all of that…

The first issue I had was installing the mod via SteamCMD

ERROR! Failed to install app '17535' (Invalid platform)

Easy to solve, just by adding to the update script

+@sSteamCmdForcePlatformType windows

Then added the line to cfg/mount.cfg

"diprip"        "/ade/ser/gmod/root/diprip/diprip"

At this moment the server is supposed to mount it correctly, but it is not working, log said that he is trying to mount the vpk files, but there is no vpk files on diprip.

This is an ls of diprip directory:

And this is an ls of a working game, cstrike for example:

Of course, when I try to spawn anything from diprip on the server, it doesn’t spawn.

How can I solve this? please help

Okay, I too want(ed) to make a ‘full content server’ so I set out, like you, and downloaded all the available content.

However, when it came time to setup mount.cfg I had a feeling the recursive .vpk searching wouldn’t quite cut it.

Here’s what my mount.cfg looks like

	"csgo"				"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/csgo/csgo"
	"csrike				"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/css/cstrike"
	"dod"				"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/dods/dod"
	"episodic"			"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/ep1/episodic"
	"ep2"				"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/ep2/ep2"
	"episodic"			"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/ep2/episodic"
	"dod"				"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/ep2/"
	"hl2"				"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/hl2/hl2"
	"hl2mp"				"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/hl2dm/hl2mp"
	"left4dead2"		"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/lfd2/left4dead2"
	"left4dead2_dlc1"	"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/lfd2/left4dead2_dlc1"
	"left4dead2_dlc2"	"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/lfd2/left4dead2_dlc2"
	"left4dead2_dlc3"	"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/lfd2/left4dead2_dlc3"
	"update"			"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/lfd2/update"
	"lostcoast"			"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/lostcoast/lostcoast"
	"portal2"			"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/portal2/portal2"
	"portal2_dlc1"		"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/portal2/portal2_dlc1"
	"portal2_dlc2"		"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/portal2/portal2_dlc2"
	"update"			"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/portal2/update"
	"tf"				"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/tf2/tf"
	"swarm"				"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/alienswarm/swarm"
	"swarm_base"		"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/alienswarm/swarm_base"
	"ageofchivalry"		"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/chivalry/ageofchivalry"
	"vpks"				"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/chivalry/vpks"
	"diprip"			"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/diprip/diprip"
	"vpks"				"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/diprip/vpks"
	"zps"				"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/zombiepanic/zps"
	"vpks"				"/home/kklouzal/steamcmd/servers/zombiepanic/vpks"

Anyone have a better way than that please speak up.

On a side note, D.I.P.R.I.P. doesn’t look like it uses .vpk’s, so that might be why we cant get the content to load…