Trying to make a listen server.

I’m trying to make a listen server so I can host with my friend, but for some reason my port forwarding isn’t working.

Here’s a screen shot of my WRT54G’s menu;

If that looks fine to you, then I don’t know what else could be wrong.

when you start alisten server be sure to type these commands:

sv_lan 0

Friend says it still won’t respond.

  1. Forward ports 27014 - 27020 (TCP)
  2. Forward port 4380 (UDP)
  3. Forward ports 2700 - 27030 (UDP)

In what category? Start or End? Or both?

Make sure he’s connecting from the internet list, Joining via Friends list wont work.

Both. Set start and end to 4380

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How do I check if the ports are forwarded properly?

Test it.

Okay, he says it’s not responding at all, even when I try to get him to use the “connect” command through console.

Thank you a million. This pretty much allowed me to host listen server on any Valve game.

OP: You have forwarded the ports to the router (I think, afaik isn’t a valid ip)
Go to start > run > cmd > ipconfig and forwards the ports to that ip

Typically you need to forward the ports through both the modem AND the router, and most times IP is the modem, in which case you need to access the modem and forward the ports needed for the SRCDS to the router, which is usually After that point you forward the same port ranges to the actual server subnet IP Address. Mine is organized nearly as,,, etc.

Use ipconfig as mentioned above, to see the “IPv4 Address”, and forward the ports in the router to the IP address listed.

Part of the problem is you are port forwarding the ports to the Modem, not the subnet IP address of your actual computer you are using as a server. So you need to forward it in the modem to the router to the subnet.

I have no fucking clue what you just said there, but here’s how i have it configured:

Modem from ISP > Linksys wireless router > My PC (LAN) > >

I forwarded the ports on the first router to the second, and on the second to my PC, working fine.