Trying to make a model with poseable eyes. and is bad at it

so i’m making this model. And i gathered some info one how you should set up the eyes. But my atempts have been very bad. And i need some help!
What looks wrong. Or another question could be how should i get the right info.

i am using blender btw to get measurements and similar

you need an attachment ‘eyes’ in the center of both eyes or the updown and leftright sliders won’t work. only relevant if you don’t use the viewtarget tho. easy to have close and define before the model. the sliders are also limited to -45 to 45. doesn’t do more anyway. then check if the centers of the eyeballs are correct. you gotta setup the center not where the iris is. you also missing the eye radius which follows the eyeball material. after that you gotta setup the crosseyed value. around rather lower then that 18 degrees. those large pony eyes are damn nuts to roll all round without derp values. and the right usually gotta be negative or the ‘opposite’ angle of the left value.