Trying to make a playermodel but the textures won't load properly, please help [GMOD]

[New to coding] When i load in and choose the playermodel i get the black and pink thingy so the first thing i thought was that gmod can’t find the textures but according to the QC file there is no problem (i can’t find it atleast) so please help me finding the error.


Location of the textures

QC File

Lua File

Ingame Error

Ingame Console

What program are you using for the modeling?

Also check if vmt files have right path to the vtfs (vmts MUST be located in the folder you specified on model’s QC, but vtf can be anywhere else, you just have to set the right path to them inside each vmt file).

If all is right, it’s probably an issue with your smd file which is probably naming textures something that differs the name of your vmt files.

I made sure the vmt’s are correct but it didn’t change anything, i used gmpu, crowbar and blender. where is the smd file supposed to be? is it the ragdoll.smd?

Open up Blender, import your reference mesh (which is 187thlt_pm_reference) and check under the materials panel, the material names. Then check if the names are the same as the .vmt files.

Thanks alot, ive been struggeling with this for a week and because of you guys i finally made it THANKS!