Trying to make an ArmA/Red orchestra style SWEP aiming system

Basically i would like to create a swep base that use a “floating aim” style:

-right click put you in/out of iron sight
-moving the mouse does not move your view but move the GUN and aiming point around the screen.
-the view starts to turn when the gun would leave the “deadzone”
-running reduce accuracy but also shake the gun on the screen randomly inside the deadzone.

Here is a video that illustrate what I’m trying to do:

I’ve been looking at the SWEP section of the wiki and I’m not sure if all those effects can be implemented solely into the swep, without touching anything else.

Also, if there is some way to make it cheat resistant, basically if an aimbot center the view, that it doesn’t center the gun too.
(A custom cheat would have no trouble obviously as this is all client side, I’m just thinking about resistance from generic aimbots)

Sharpye did it, the float zone.

I guess i could look into it but i would rather keep it all into the swep, and as far as i remember Sharpeye movement thing is a full addon.

It is and now that i’ve been looking into it ( I just made a RTS Style view for my gamemode ), it’s actually pretty simple after understood.