Trying to modify Perfected Climbing SWEP

As the title says, I’m trying to modify the Perfected Climbing SWEP.
I want to make it so that when you hit a surface and do a roll, it nullifies all damage if you were falling under a certain speed

I’m not sure where to start though, can anyone help?

can you give us the code of “Perfected Climbing SWEP”? theres the thread if your interested.

I meant to post the code so I could think of a different way than the barbaric way of setting a variable for the damage it would take and subtracting damage by that variable. don’t even know if that would work, but we can always try.

I didn’t realise the creator of this SWEP was still developing it… I wonder if I’m allowed to modify it or not

He’s not replying to his thread

Look for a license in the download, if there isn’t any notes about using it or a license saying you can’t go for it. That’s what I do and if the guy has a problem he will tell you.