trying to read from a table

hey! so i have a table

motd_config = {
server_name = "Server Name",
website = "",
button_color = ""

in my shared file. and when i use


in my client side i get attempt to globalize error but when i did it with a for loop it worked? do i have to use a for loop around every function just to get data from my table or am i doing something wrong

i also tryed

 config = {}
config["configstuff"] = {
sarvername = "servername"


it worked in for loop but idk how to do it without it

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it could be conflicting with another addon

Try to use PrintTable(motd_config) to see if your table works properly, I never saw this kind of error.


local startmotd_config = {
server_name = "Server Name"



still the global error

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i changed the name from startmotd_config to just startmotd and it prints with no errors but it prints nil

Paste the entire error it’s giving you.

[ERROR] addons/startscreen/lua/autorun/client/screenstart.lua:9: attempt to index global 'startmotd_config' (a nil value)
  1. func - addons/startscreen/lua/autorun/client/screenstart.lua:9
   2. unknown - lua/includes/modules/net.lua:32

this was the error but once i changed the table name it went away. but still prints nill

Where is the shared file is located at? Are you AddCSLuaFile’ing it?

its in autorun. and i know it works because when i print the table using for k,v in pairs(startmotd) it works. but i don’t want to have to do that every time i use the table

Get rid of the “local” there.

i did same error

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this is in lua/autorun does the file name need to be shared

I was told file names mean nothing other than organization, so no.