Trying to rig this player model

So I’m trying to rig this Star Wars player model in XSI. Everything looked great when I exported the SMD, but for some reason it looks like this in-game.

I have no idea why, never really tried rigging before. Anyone have any ideas? Any more info I should supply?
Here’s the SMD:

its due to a bone rotation that XSI does, i’ve only been able to fix it with $definebone or whatever the command was.
It happens with all of the L4D Beta survivors aswell.

Neglected to mention this console error:

custom\revan.mdl/m_anm.mdl : missmatched parent bones on "ValveBiped.Bip01_Pelvis"
custom\revan.mdl/m_anm.mdl : missmatched parent bones on "ValveBiped.Bip01_Spine"

Perhaps the bones aren’t actually parented in the skeleton you exported?

It would appear that is so, but I don’t see why those 2 bones would not be parented when I parented the entire ValveBiped group to the mesh.

That’s not really something you want to do. The skeleton should have its own independent movement. The bones flow in a tree format into the pelvis and the model is skinned to the skeleton, not the other way around.

Sorry, I’m not using proper terms here, I believe that is what I did. I “enveloped” the model to the ValveBiped.

So I’ve been working with rbreslow over Steam, and we’ve sorted it out. The first issue was that a ValveBiped_Bip01 bone existed, which Spine and Pelvis were parented to. This caused some funky errors in the console (missmatched parent bones on “ValveBiped.Bip01_Pelvis”). After comparing it to Breen’s skeleton, I also saw that Spine was not a child of Pelvis. Materials was an easy fix, replacing all of the noIcon.pic with the correct material name. All in all, model looks pretty good.