Trying to rip models (especially ragdolls) from Fallout 3 and/or New Vegas

Title says it all. Problem is I haven’t the faintest clue where to begin. I’m what you call a complete bloody noob.

However, if someone could direct me to a tutorial of some kind, it’d be deeply appreciated. I assume I’ll first need the G.E.C.K. software that Fallout 3/NV uses to mod the game as it is in order to first access the models. I have no experience with G.E.C.K. or Source’s Hammer however. I’ll need quite a bit of help.

Right now my main goal is male and female Recon Armor models, followed by various female combat armor models, some male and female ghoul models, and finally the Advanced Power Armor from New Vegas worn by Enclave remnants.

you could try getting the models straight from the game files using Nifskope the program is made to be a model viewer/ exporter for fallout 3 and NV as well as oblivion and skyrim. but i beleive the files are packed together in a file dont quite remember

A good start. :slight_smile: Thanks.

Now, ultimately I have to turn these models into Source Engine compatible mdl files. Step one is figuring out where the files I need are located. My New Vegas game is on Steam, so I assume automatically I have to use GCFScape to extract the content. Fortunately I already know how to do that. My Fallout 3 game is on disk and installed, so it should be easier.

Also after I get most of the models done, I think I may need to do some head hacking, since Fallout’s normal faces are varied according to whatever you shape your character’s face as. I’d replace the usual faces with HL2 citizen faces. Ghouls might be more difficult…

From how you’re describing your process of doing this, I don’t think you will have much success here.

Porting character models is a long and painful process requiring the use of many tools and programs depending on where you got your model from and what state it’s in when you get it (like if it’s rigged to the game’s original bones, or if it doesn’t have any).

Fallout 3\New Vegas isn’t incredibly difficult to port from, but it’s no easier than any other game with good tools. You need to have a modeling program to import the model files (.nif for this), scale and rename the model and bones accordingly to fit in and work properly in the source engine.

Also GCFScape doesn’t work for Fallout’s files, they’re located in the game’s folder within the “common” folder and they’re unpacked using tools made for the game.

You really have no idea what you’re doing, or getting yourself into.

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Oh, and the term is port, like “export” or “import”. The term “rip” is commonly used in reference with the tool “3d ripper dx” which is fine, but isn’t the best way to get something from a game and can often result in the model looking very bad.