Trying to set up sv_downloadurl

i have uploaded all my files here: and made sure the permissions were open.

in the server.cfg file I put in:


and also tried


neither seem to be working…

can anyone help me?


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That worked! everything is working fine now!


OH WAIT. I have no idea what your talking about.

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ahh, i see

Here is a guide to creating a fast download mirror.

Your sv_downloadurl should point to /garrysmod/
So “” would be your url.

Hope this helps.

is the fastdl folder mandatory for some reason?


also i’ve seen that walkthrough… heres the website… heres the svndownloadurl…

sv_allowdownload 1
sv_allowupload 1
net_maxfilesize 500 //Holy shit, a command no one ever uses

anyone see any problems with this???

You’re missing the / after garrysmod. is correct.

tried that, didn’t work but it did give me a new error in the game server log…

keyvalues error: recursive load from buffer: got > in key in file maps/ rp_central17_vs_dsrp.res

000webhost website is down.

Figured it out. i needed to put qoutes around the web address… 000webhost seems to be working fine.