Trying to sober up..

Looks unfinished to me.

The posing on Paul’s legs are a little off, his right leg looks broken.

And in the 6th picture, the briefcase is just kinda flopping around, and his hand isn’t holding it.


Why are they in an office anyway?

Hah, I was thinking of making more, but I got lazy.


Yeah I know, a friend pointed that out to me before I posted it, but I didn’t want to fix it :(.

Eh, I don’t know. I was just messing around on office and got the idea to make a comic.


Don’t rate him disagree, he’s correct actually.

I don’t get it but yea cool comic

Great comic. Add me on STEAM Sometime Slbobo.

Well, who says you have to lie to americans, lie to every person you meet about anything and everything.

Also, decent comic.

alrighty well my steam name is slbobo lol

Pretty cool.

Mostly, this is well done. The layout’s excellent, posing and face posing is good (apart from that one panel), good font, and well laid out speech bubbles. It makes a big difference when they’re in proper order.
However, in some panels the screenshots looked very aliased. If you haven’t already, bump up the settings, or, if you’ve already done that, try some editing techniques to smooth them out (can’t recommend any, unfortunately).

Last point; I’m being a bit hypocritical here, but I didn’t find the joke particularly funny. It’s been done before, and it wasn’t especially pertinent.

Overall, I’d rate you artistic if I could.

Thank you, very well constructed comment. Yeah the aliasing is apparent in some of the frames =/

Paul’s leg looks painful.

Hah, it is.

Slbobo!? Wow man…I remember you from back when I was starting out.

How ya been? Nice to see you’ve returned.

Hah I’ve been good man, just getting back up on that ball again :stuck_out_tongue: What about yourself?

Not too bad. Keepin tabs on all the kids ya know…

Yeah haha, you should add me onto steam, slbobo is the username :slight_smile: