Trying to start Modelling with Blender

So I decided, “Hey, modeling, rigging, and so forth can’t be too difficult, hopefully anyway,” and downloaded Blender. Opened it up, and didn’t have a single clue where to begin, what filetypes could be loaded into it, and so forth. Just about nothing made sense.

Is there another modeling program I should try to start off with, what free model programs are there that’d be able to make Source-working models, and would I be able to find noob-friendly tutorials with Google?

I made a pretty neat sword for Oblivion in it, and played around with a hack that makes the exported creature models from Spore import properly.

I’ve never used another program other than Blender, so I’m not sure if there’s other stuff. Also, last time I checked, Blender doesn’t export .mdls.

Also; Yes, there’s tons of n00b-friendly tutorials out there. Once you get the hang of it, Blender’s a pretty flexible program. Good luck! Right there on the front page of models/skins with this thread ¬.¬

Technically correct, but only technically. Blender doesn’t export .mdl, it exports .smd, which is then compiled into the .mdl, .dx90.vtx, .dx80.vtx, .vvd, and so forth. If that seems needlessly complicated, it’s because Valve doesn’t want to re-export all their models whenever they upgrade the format. By keeping data in an intermediate format, they can easily reconvert it, but remain flexible.

Hmm, so this means I can get my Spore ragdolls into Gmod? Interesting, I’ll have to try it.

You should be able to as you can apparently export Spore models to .dae, which you can import into modelling programs and process (but i’ve had alot of problems importing .dae files into things, so it will depend what program you choose to use, Blender was one of the ones I cant get to do it).