Trying to Start SinglePlayer.....

Hi everyone,
I just bought this game and have been trying to load the single-player but when I click on it at the main menu, nothing happens. I tried getting by it by starting single-player through the console but it loads with the menu screen still there and freezes up. I’ll be the first to admit that I am computer illiterate when it comes to anything but shooting badguys so any help would be appreciated. (I deleted the game and reloaded it but to no avail).

I’m having the same problem. Windows 7 64-bit.

my brother is having the same exact problem. Windows 7, 64-bit. Most likely the operating system. What OS are you on LtColOcelot?

Hmm I’m still running Windows XP in an attempt to avoid any complications so i dunno if thats the problem. What gets me is that it would be one thing if it flat-out did not respond at all, but when I start up the menu through the console command it does load in the background behind the stuck menu screen and repeats “attempt to call a nil value” every time I try to click something. I’m not even angry but just disappointed that it can’t even start a game lol. Feels like I wasted ten bucks, but it wouldn’t be the first time.

Looks like were just gonna have to wait for the next patch to accidentally fix it.

Yup. Well at least it was only ten bucks :slight_smile:

Play multiplayer, it’s still worth the money but you picked a bad day to get Gmod - patch days are HORRIBLE as they often break shit.

I am also having this problem. I also can’t play multiplayer because my spawn menu doesn’t work.

Same for me, Can’t play single-player and in multi-player none of my menus work.

:confused: i got the same problem, i hope they fix this soon

I also came here to say, that nothing seems to work. I uninstalled every steam game and reinstalled gmod, I haven’t even played it in a year… what an unlucky day to start playing again.

windows vista 64 bit

64 bit is our problem :frowning:

Yes, 64 bit is the problem, however it is the processor, NOT the OS.

I have windows 7 ultimate 32bit OEM on my 64bit processor, and I have the exact same issue.

Ergo, this is an error caused by faulty handling of 32bit instructions by 64bit processors, the OS is not to blame.

oh god dog anus everywhere :run:

You have no idea what you’re talking about.

I got tha fix:

You need GCFscape, then extract garrysmod folder from garrysmod content.gcf(\steam\steamapps)
and replace garrysmod folder with it(steam\steamapps\garrysmod\garrysmod)

Me and a friend are also having this issue.

I’m on a
Intel Core2Quad @ 2.5Ghz

He is on
P4 3.4 @ HT
9800GTX 1GB

He is sat next to me on his PC he can’t press any buttons either.

:confused: did not work for me


There has been a fix made for the patch that makes the game work, simply start steam and let it patch