Trying to stop a citizenfrom following me

Hi I’m trying to make a mod to hl2 and anyways the citizens won’t stop following the player, and I had “Follow Player on Spawn” in flags unchecked so … WTC is wrong with it!!! :mad:


all I want them to do is just glance at the player and stand there , not follow him


4 reading, none answering… yeah… nice

I think making an ai_relationship that sets all of the "npc_citizen"s to either hate or be neutral towards “!player” that starts on may work. Or if they’re all supposed to stand in one spot you could just make a big clip texture box around them. No wait, if you use a scripted sequence on all of them with the animation of just standing and set it to loop, that should make them just stand there. But they still wont move anywhere, even when you’re gone.

I was extremely tempted to just write “kill him” here.

Does the map you’re making contain any combat? Because I think there’s a setting you can change which makes the AI behave like the first few maps of HL2 with Gordon pre-criminal.

thanks people

I wanted to say “Just tell them to fuck off.”

sv_cheats 1
impulse 101
Grenade launcher.


Set to “Gordon Pre-Criminal”