Trying to Update Weeping Angels addon for Gmod 13, need help!

I’ve been trying for a while to fix this. I’ve contacted the original coder for the addon, and he’s too busy or whatever to work on it. I have the error message here:

**[ERROR] addons/weepingangel/lua/entities/weepingangel/init.lua:176: ‘}’ expected (to close ‘{’ at line 172) near ‘|’

  1. unknown - addons/weepingangel/lua/entities/weepingangel/init.lua:0**

It makes no sense though, because there is a bracket to close off that function… I have included the file in question, init.lua, here.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Line. 176 in the pastebin file:

Instead of:




I believe that’s the problem. If there’s any other | to separate stuff replace it with a comma.

Yes, that error’s taken care of thank you very much! Only now I’m getting this message:

**[ERROR] addons/weepingangel/lua/entities/weepingangel/init.lua:244: ‘then’ expected near ‘&’

  1. unknown - addons/weepingangel/lua/entities/weepingangel/init.lua:0**

Doesn’t make sense because in that line there is a “then”. Perhaps something to do with the == I’m guessing?


On line 244 try replacing ‘&’ with ‘and’

I added an ‘and’ and now the entity loads into the game and I can spawn it. There’s no further lua errors, but the entity isn’t behaving according to the script. All it does is stand there, and turn to face me when I turn my back on it. It’s supposed to teleport around and attack and whatnot…any ideas? :slight_smile:

check if its a SNPC code wise. I think garry removed hooks for them.

I had the same problem, On that line of code you have to do a double & like && but there is still another error after that. If you want you can see a video here that explains and has a link to the corrected init file.