Trying to Upload a Map Via GMPU; whitelist error

I am trying to upload a map to the Garry’s Mod workshop via Garry’s Mod Publishing Utility, and I am running into problems.
Here’s the log:

Executing queue.
Creating addon from E:\Program Files (x86)\GaG\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\Map Utilities\gm_desertderby_final…
Creating temporary addon.json.
Creating temporary gma.
Garry’s Mod Addon Creator 1.1
Looking in folder “E:/Program Files (x86)/GaG/steamapps/common/GarrysMod/Map Utilities/gm_desertderby_final/”
[Not allowed by whitelist]
File list verification failed
Creation OK!
Finished running queue.

It would appear that the very map file (.bsp) is blacklisted, causing the upload to be unsuccessful. I have uploaded maps in the past, and have not run into this problem. I am using a folder called the name of the map (gm_desertderby_final_d,) with “map,” “materials,” “models,” “sounds,” as the folders inside of it, all being empty, except for the “map” folder, which mad the .bsp in it.

It’s ADDON/maps, not ADDON/map

I can not thank you enough.