Trying to view game models (Metroid Prime)

Hey all,
This is Infinity’s End. I’m part of the staff that runs the Metroid Database.

We are going to be adding a new feature to the site soon: a bestiary showcasing all of the enemies from every Metroid game. I am relatively new to the model ripping/viewing scene, so please bear with me. I apologize if I come off as too newb-ish. (for the record, I am also a 3D modeler/animator, so I can find my way around a high-end 3D app pretty easily.)

Anyway, for this feature, I am in need of screenshots of all of the enemies from Metroid Prime. Just the first game for now, but I may need 2 and 3 if this goes over well. I know there is a way to go in there and view all the game models, is there not? I already downloaded mpxviewer, but I’m having some difficulty trying to run it. I downloaded/installed the DirectX SDK as well, but no luck. Would anyone mind giving me some help/pointers on how to go about doing this?

I also have the MP iso, but I have no idea how to go in there and view the models. Remember, all I am doing is just getting screenshots of the enemies – I don’t need to rip anything and bring it into Max or Maya, even though that would be nice, if I can just view the models and take clean shots of them, that would be ideal. I tried just playing through the game via Dolphin and taking shots that way, but it’s far too difficult to get really clear shots since Samus’s arm cannon is almost always in the way (not to mention my computer chugs when trying to play it).

I greatly appreciate any help, tips, or advice you have. Thanks for your time.

Not sure about Metroid Prime but this thread from a few weeks back has some kinda viewer shown

Hey Silver, thanks for replying.
Though there is/was a lot of discussion about it, I think some of the original threads have since been locked/deleted/disappeared.

I realize now (in error) that this probably wasn’t the best forum to post about this kind of query. So thanks again, for what it was worth.