Trying to view model to help with VTF editing

Is there a program or something to view a model with the material that doesnt involve going back and forth from the game to view it? Ive been trying to edit a skin and since the Valve Model View wants a Jpeg file, I was wondering if there was any others. Either that or make a jpeg file for the Model View to read. Either way, I just need some help.

the model viewer doesn’t need a jpeg file:~

And things to quickly view skins
ingame using the reload all materials command

I was trying to use the SDK Model Viewer, probly why. It didnt want to load models but the Jpegs were the only things it would open, I have no idea why. curses Gab, CURSE YOU!!! Trying to edit a skin in TF2

Um, is there some reasons for why a model wont load in the Model Viewer?

Wait are you talking about the model pictures that show up when you browse for a model?

yeah, basicly

Those aren’t necessary. Just click on the model anyway.