TS3 Section Dedicated to Rust! MAG TS3

Hey Rust Community!

So me and a friend own a TS3 and we both like Rust very much and and have made a section on our TS3 for Rust and Rust only.
Here is what the section looks like right now however can be changed immensely to each groups liking! http://imgur.com/nplo8iR

Basically the way this will work is that each group will have a set of channels.

Main Channel (Will be named after your group)
Extra Channel

Keep in mind you will get Channel Admin of the section which means you can edit the names of the channels and add more however you will only be allowed 5 subchannels ALL CHANNELS MUST BE PASSWORDED BY YOU AND YOUR GROUP.

Admins: Xtreme, Spidok

Here is the IP:
Donate Link: https://secure.multiplay.co.uk/clanpay/contribute?clanid=TVdVMU9USmlOemhqWXc9PWI3OGNjNQ