[TSD]50 Slot server


What gamemode attracts alot of people that isn’t darkrp? I need one for my new server.

And another question, does deleting logs actually help the server run faster on a big (50 slot) server?


DarkRP doesn’t attract 50+ players on one server. The servers that have that amount of people are usually some of the best servers out there. But more importantly, the most mature.

No, deleting logs won’t help in the slightest.

actually darkrp servers have 50+ sometimes, it is rare but it happens. anyways I was asking for a suggestion that IS NOT darkrp.

Please read my post before talking.

DarkRP does not attract 50+ players. There might be servers with 50+ players running DarkRP but it is not because of the gamemode.

Thanks for reading this time.

Try deathrun or nexus…

I would suggest starting with a smaller amount of slots ( ~24 ) and run a popular game such as TTT or a popular RP. Once you get known then I would increase the slots as needed.