why can not I sell the T-shirt Garry’s Mods

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You can’t sell it as currently it is only obtainable via owning Garry’s Mod. If it could be sold, then people would just buy Garry’s Mod, get and sell the shirt and then refund Garry’s Mod.

Really? Are you sure you have to own Garry’s Mod to get it?

I don’t and never have owned or played GMod and I noticed I now have the shirt in my inventory as of yesterday.

I really really like t-shorts

I’ve read that it was a gift exclusive to people who owned Garry’s Mod. Haven’t really played much Rust lately, let alone enough to know if you can get the shirt randomly.

I own garry’s mod and do not have the shirt, so i’m pretty sure it’s just a random drop. No clue why it isn’t sellable on the market however, probably just a glitch.