Time Travel RPG:
i want a rocket launcher that would when you shoot a menu opens up that asks you how many milliseconds do you want it to wait then press enter then it would shoot a rocket that would then half a second later dissipate into tesla and remove it self (does no damage) then after the milliseconds you entered is over the rocket will fade in with some tesla (half a second of tesla) then continue flying and explode on any impact or simpler a rocket that would time travel.

Thank you.


rofl tesla

I think he wants a rocket which basically disappears after it is fired, and reappears a determined time later. So a rocket which effectively travels forward in time.

Yup you got it right kilburn :slight_smile: i think this would be a cool weapon also dangerous make like 30 rockets appear at the same time in the future going in every direction or something it would be insane! (Note: I want this to be a admin weapon)

DarkRP right?

And a rocket launcher that travels into the future is involved in DarkRP how? Or is DarkRP just an admin killing civvies mod using overly high powers.

No not for rp just for sandbox.