TT25 - Great Huge Low Lag Build Map

Hey Guys

Beast Building Server has long been gone but their incredible maps still exist and TT25 is one of those maps. TT25 is the most popular of their maps and is very well made taking advantage of techniques such as VISBlock. The Map itself is huge starting with a huge open field then a spanning underground train rail system that connects the maps huge underground rooms. The map is one of the best build maps I have ever played on.

This map uses simple textures and shapes but these allow for a low lag huge build map with lots of possibilities.

This map was built by Wild Will and was built for the purpose of use on the Beast Builder Server which no longer exists. I was given permission by Wild Will to post this map on

The only server currently running TT25 is the UnitedBuilders.Webs.Com Building Server.

It’s okay, could be better texture wise, but I don’t think we need a flatgrass map with extra features and a logo branded on it. We have enough of those already. :v:

It seems really bland.

Unfortunately it just seems like every other build map with fugly lighting.

Before jumping on it like that you should really try it, in no way is this a rebranded flatgrass with a logo. Pictures don’t do it justice and the normal textures just help it keep down in size and the simple design keeps this a very low lag map. Give it a try before criticizing it.

The train tracks you see are only the stations and a full lap around the track with a quick train would take at least 10 or so minutes.

This map was not created for artistic means it was created for a large multi-purpose build map with low lag.

The only people I’ve heard criticize it are people who have not played on it yet but everyone that I’ve had play on it love it.

Its too simple and lacks anything visually interesting to be separated from all the other build maps.

Yes it fulfills its purpose as a build map and if you’re building on it you’ll be content, but does it do it with any new style or flair, any sort of new features or interesting gameplay elements? No it does not, and as such it deserves the title it gets as ‘Flatgrass with a few more bells and whistles’ that every flatgrass remake usually has.


Also the ‘bells and whistles’ this map has are bland and done before

I’m sorry I didn’t know show and flair were needed for a build map. Personally things like that make me not want a map as they usually just create lag and help crash maps something you don’t want on a build map. Like I said give it a try before jumping on it.

Could of just played on flatgrass.

Check out the map Gm_Mobenix_V3

That map has flair, that map has good gameplay elements, while still being mostly lag-free and being great for building. Compare those core elements to your map and you’ll quickly see what i’m getting at here.

That map is a resource hog and lags the server, TT25 runs like its a tiny map and is low lag.

Running on my own server the lowest ping on mobenix was ~80 on TT25 I had people sitting at ~20.


Can you read that better?

oh man, the nostalgia from this map. I still have it. great times back in 07-08 with BBS on this map.

Repeating textures everywhere, randomly spammed lights with no sources, blandness, emptyness…

The list goes on, honestly fuck, why would anyone need a fuck-ugly “low-lag” map unless they’re running it on a P3 computer.

What are talking about randomly placed lights?

Facepunch Forums where we criticize maps by looking at pictures.

They want a low lag map so they can build larger and more complicated projects without the risk of the server crashing.

They want simple textures so the map doesn’t take long to download or load.

If they really ONLY want the simplest of the simplest maps they would always and only use gm_flatgrass.

The randomly placed lights can be seen here fx: [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

And at the same time, I think it’s quite ironic that you want to make a quick to load map, although the map is 33mb in size.

Using a handful of textures compared to a lot of textures aren’t really the biggest time saver either.
As for one last thing to complain about: The big BEAST text, why is only some of the letters func_detail?

We already have one of these big open maps. It’s called flatgrass.

It’s just another generic build map, that’s been done a hundred times before and, I’m sorry, but much, much better.

ZOMG I love you man.

I saw the megapic, and instantly I said “this map sucks” Typically people use the “megapic” to enhance shit, which is exactly what you did.

Blocky piece of shit. With a stupid, useless logo taking space. The railway made me laugh.