TTT 1 hit knife

How do I increase the knife damage in TTT so it’s 1 hit kill?

I tried editing the shared.lua file for the ttt_weapon_knife but when I save the file, it won’t let me. It says Critical Error on Filezilla, like it’s blocking me from editing it.

You may want to ask your server host about that

FileZilla is crap; try Cyberduck or WinSCP. Worked for me.

Filezilla works perfectly fine. It’s his host that’s most likely restricting him from editing files on his server.

For filezilla (correct me if I’m wrong) but the only way I’ve found to edit restricted files is to delete them, and the re-upload the new one. Obviously make a backup before you do that.

Yep, I did this. Thank you!

Your server host is restricting you from editing base gamemode files. What you can do is copy the file, make the changes then delete it from the server then upload your version. Or you can move rename the knife file first.

He already said he fixed it.

Not the sharpest tool in the shed.