TTT Admins see dead chat


I am trying to make it so admins can see the dead chat to help filter issues and arguments, i have tried to do some code editing to get it working but can’t what so ever.

Here is the code I have played with to no avail:

function GM:PlayerSay(ply, text, team_only)
   if not IsValid(ply) then return end

   if team_only and ply:Team() != TEAM_SPEC and GetRoundState() == ROUND_ACTIVE then
      if ply:IsSpecial() then
         -- traitor chat handling
         RoleChatMsg(ply, ply:GetRole(), text)
         LANG.Msg(ply, "inno_globalchat_hint")

      return ""

   if (not team_only) and GetRoundState() == ROUND_ACTIVE and ply:Team() == TEAM_SPEC then
      if DetectiveMode() then
         LANG.Msg(ply, "spec_teamchat_hint")
         return ""

      if not GetConVar("ttt_limit_spectator_chat"):GetBool() and ply:IsAdmin() then
         return text

In all honesty I wouldn’t have that happen because if admins can see dead chat, then if players are talking about who the traitor is then information that is important and not known would be given out.

or you could have an admin help chat like most servers, so if someone needs help and they’re dead they can tell an admin, then said admin could kill themselves to go sort the problem out