TTT amount of traitors

Hello everyone,

I have a fun server just for my friends and I was wondering where the file was for changing the amount of traitors.
I managed to find the code for it, but when I change it in console it does not permanently change.



Also, I do understand the pct code, its the percentage of the amount of players.
But what does max do?

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The max is the max amount of traitors. And to change the amount of T’s you’d have to edit TTT core files. The amount of T’s depends on how many players there are. For every 4 players there is one T with a .35 chance of being selected

For a permanent change, you need to change it in your Launch config (Usually server.cfg or autoexec.cfg)

and yes, pct does represent percentage.

Everything you need to know is right here

I don’t know why Bad King has two websites which has basically the exact same content :v:

It’s a parked domain

Do I have to put these codes in server.cfg myself or should it be there?

And about the amount of traitors, the default is 32…so there can be 32 traitors O.o?

I doubt they would, so you’d need to add them yourself
If you have enough slots yes

Put them in the server.cfg yourself. You’re looking for the traitor percentage; the traitor number is for limiting traitors with a full server.