TTT and Admin Related Request

Could some one please make me a Edit to the TTT After game report which would show when each player:
Picks up and Item
Buys an Item

This would be useful for Moderation due to people saying I SAW YOU WITH A KNIFE and kills them but they never
had a knife, this can fix the RDM on my server. Also could some one please make a ADMIN ESP for weapons so when
I go onto a level I can check if the map has weapons so I can know what maps I need to Rearm and what to not so I
dont have people joining empty maps.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH :slight_smile:

Note: I used FapHack to check for Items before but I wanted people to not cheat so I put a Anti-Cheat as well as turn on Script Enforcer.

Thanks for the help everyone your contribution was amazing Im going to go and think about how much thought you put into all of your comments and how much you helped me. DAMN this community has a nice and welcoming mass of members. you should all be proud!

Sorry but what?


weaponry.lua at around line 415 ( mines off because I edited the file )
if ply:CanCarryWeapon(swep_table) then
GiveEquipmentWeapon(ply:UniqueID(), id)
DamageLog(Format(“TRAITOR-PURCHASE: %s [%s] used the traitor menu to purchase a: [%s]”, ply:Nick(), ply:GetRoleString(), id))

		received = true


^ That’s for the damage logs so you can see when they purchase a weapon.

Shit, sorry, almost forgot it was every Facepunch members duty to welcome you and solve your problems.

What I dont understand is why people gave him agrees and friendly’s, when he’s clearly being a smartarse arsehat.

//Set sv_scriptenforcer 0
WepPrefix = {


function ShowTTTWeapons()
for i = 1, #WepPrefix do
for k,v in pairs(ents.FindByClass(WepPrefix*)) do
if k < 1 then return end
local pos = v:GetPos()
pos.z = pos.z + 5
local toscreen = pos:ToScreen()
draw.RoundedBox(0, toscreen.x, toscreen.y, 5, 5, Color(255,255,255))
draw.DrawText(“This map has weapons!”, “default”, 0, 10, Color(255,0,0,255), TEXT_ALIGN_LEFT)
hook.Add(“HUDPaint”, “DrawTTTItems”, ShowTTTWeapons)

I’m pretty sure they’re all sarcastically agreeing to his sarcasm.

I only did it cause it took 4 days for anyone to comment, an I dont know how to do that but I hope you get some help would have been fine…

2 days*

9001 (too old not funny) days*