TTT and Goldenforge.

Im having trouble with TTT and golden forge. we started a new server when the old one lost all its files, before we had it so goldenforge gave out scrap metal every minute 3 for users, 7 for VIP users. we had custom hats, trails, weapons. however it doesnt work anymore. i could use some help please. right now hats and trails work. we use ulx mod, basic TTT ect.

Could you give us a look at the code?

Sure sure. What files would you like?
and would you wanna just add my skype so i can send you files?

If you want someone to help you on here you will have to add the files you created/modified such as “scrap metal every minute 3 for users, 7 for VIP users”

Well, when i added anything, the server would kick everyone for too many lua errors. so really im looking for guidance.

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there are 3 files in the LUA folder gf_client _server and _shared

I need to add the ability to spawn weapons from the store, and i need to hand out scrap. i have something that the creator made but dont know where to put it

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timer.Create( “gsmem”, 60, 0, function()
for k, v in pairs(GF.GetPlayers()) do
if v:IsAdmin() or v:IsSuperAdmin() then
v:GiveScrapMeatal(10, “Thanks For Donating to the server, you get 10 more metal in 1 min”)
v:GiveScrapMetal(2, “Thanks for playing on the server, you recieve mroe metal in 1 min”)


Thats what chewgum said - the guy who made it.

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"I added functions similar to Pointshop.

Player.GiveScrapMetal(amount, <optional> reason)
Player.RemoveScrapMetal(amount, <optional> reason)" -chewgum

Read my lad.

But i still dont know where to put it, and he posted the other one so. . . im not sure XD

You have a typo… read this: v:GiveScrapMeatal ***

Okay, fixxed problem 1, i still cant spawn weapons with the shop

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The shop works fine in singleplayer, i can spawn weapons there, but not on the server, any reason?


use PointShop instead. GoldenForge has too many issues for my liking.

We have point shop, but im not too sure how to get it working, also Now im getting these errors?

Warning: Unhandled usermessage ‘gf_gtodts’
SWarning: Unhandled usermessage ‘gf_gtodts’
SWarning: Unhandled usermessage ‘gf_gtodts’

Post the files or get out. Asking for magical fixes out of context isn’t going to happen, especially given your talent for misspelling the simplest of words and inability to code.

FAGGEET? Faggeet. . .