TTT betting system

There’s a $10 betting system on ScriptFodder which is hella expensive so I thought why not make a fast replica. This only supports TTT and the UI is worse and it’s missing a few features, I might add all the features in the future.

GitHub link:

Config file

Ahh so this was what you were working on! Sick job.

Huh this took me a couple of hours so not really

If I’m not wrong then you should add a check if the points that you bet are a positive number.
Otherwise you could cheat points by betting for example “-100“ points.

Looks good, nice job! Adding to what markusmarkusz mentioned, it’d be a good idea to use math.abs, since a numeric textentry still allows you to enter “-”.

A good idea for your next update would be to have a minimum player requirement for betting. That way a small group of players can’t abuse the system.

You cant cheat the positive cuz of UInt, it will error if you try a negative number using a manual net message.

Went a head and added minimum amount of players for betting to be activated, minimum amount of points that can be bet, maximum amount of points that can be bet and you can have usergroups that have a different multiplier, lets say VIP have a 4x multiplier while normal users only have 2x.

Anything else that’d be cool?

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damn auto merge

Either has to be Betting.Config.Pointshop2 or everywhere where you check Betting.Config.Pointshop2 has to be Betting.Config.pointshop2.

Oops typo, thanks for reporting it.

Always good to see free alternatives to scriptfodder addons, that keeps the game alive