[TTT] Bodies disappear.

J have a dedicated server TTT, and today when j start playing j realized that when someones die’s bodies disapper, j read some tutorials on the internet, j removed collection from workshop to see if this problem with addons but still nothing. When someone kill someone there is no body, but when someone die by fall there is body. Any ideas, what’s going on? J can write my non-workshop addons, j have on server.

It’s I, not J.

The model is probably not on the server

But it’s not problem with pointshop models it’s even normal Terrorist model.

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There’s only no bodies, when someone die by weapon,explosion.

You probably have sv_crazyphysics_remove set to 1.

Nope, still no bodies :(. I think about reinstall sever.

Is there any error message?
Have you checked your addons? Sometimes addons do strangw things because they are poorly coded.

There wasn’t any Error message, i checked my addons but only that from workshop(because i was sure that, these from server file didn’t cause that) . Day before it happen i upload on server some more addons like kill notification, jihad bomb and few more, and i was so tired that i didn’t checked them all. Next day i delete those addons that didn’t work. I checked again those files from server too, but i had no idea what cause that, so i reinstall my server, i’m currently adding some addons, and updateing stuff. Maybe later or tomorrow, i will write if everything is okey.

Yup, i reinstall server and everything (I hope everything) is fine. Now i have to setup few things, but anyway thanks to all of you for your attention.