TTT body's missing a few things (kill-list, last words).

So currently in our TTT server we have pointshop , killmsg and some small others.

The problem is, when someone dies traitor or other, they don’t have a kill list on their body it also doesn’t confirm the deaths of the people they killed when IDing them (as it should)
Also the last words are missing from the body’s.

Any idea’s what might be causing this?

(This might also be the cause of my other problem I made a thread for )

The kill list on a body only shows the kills made by that player before he/she died. For instance, if you kill someone, then plant a c4, then get killed and later kill 5 people with your c4, your body will only show you killing that one person rather than 6. This is because the list dosn’t update after the player is dead. I have found that if a traitor uses a jihad bomb, his body sometimes shows nobody in the explosion and sometimes it shows the names of the people right next to him during the explosion.

Yes, I know this. But it doesn’t show it at all. ex. Traitor kills a innocent with a knife. hides the body leaving it unIDed then gets killed by someone, IDing his body then doesn’t show any kill list nor will it confirm the death of the so far unIDed body of his victims.

Also I have compared all the TTT gamemode Lua’s with a fresh version of TTT. Nothing in the Lua’s has changed other then the color of models and the hands you see while playing.

After investigating into this problem further, I have noticed at the end of round scoreboard it doesn’t register kills nor is it showing highlight events such as “most innocents killed” etc

Solved it, there was a slight mishap coded into the corpse.lua by the previous coder.