Ok so the problem is, sometimes when someone is killed on my TTT server, they don’t technically die. Basically what happens is their body will show up on the ground, but they can still use voice chat and regular chat, and everyone can see/hear it, and they show up as alive. Even after their body is ID’d, and they shouldn’t be able to, if I check damage logs it doesn’t show that the player was killed, just that they took enough damage to be dead. There are no lua errors in console, and I’ve been searching for a solution, I even removed death match.

Remove any recent addons you may have added. Or if you’re using leaked addons, better remove that.

I fixed the problem for my friends server. Turns out he was using a shit ton of outdated leaked scripts from CoderHire then he was banned. Remove your leaked shit buddy!

We don’t have any “Leaked Scripts”, all the stuff from coderhire we have is bought. We probably have an outdated script but I can assure you we bought them, and they aren’t the problem. The scripts have been on the server for some time, and just recently has the problem occured. We did however get something to stop the motion of bodies if they move too fast, could that be the cause?

problem happends wenn something breaks in playerdeath hook so find all addons that use that hook and check console for errors, wenn you find error post it here.

[ERROR] lua/core/sh_meta.lua:117: attempt to index local ‘LevelsTbl’ (a nil value) 1. GiveExp - lua/core/sh_meta.lua:117 2. fn - lua/core/sv_init.lua:56 3. unknown - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:184 4. FireBullets - [C]:-1 5. ShootBullet - gamemodes/terrortown/entities/weapons/weapon_tttbase.lua:318 6. unknown - gamemodes/terrortown/entities/weapons/weapon_tttbase.lua:242

This is what shows up when that one person who kills someone, they kill them, but it doesn’t put them as dead, and they can talk to the alive people. It only happens when this player kills someone. This error pops up everytime.

Post sh_meta.lua file here