TTT C menu disables weapons

Im changing how C menu looks. Problem is that it disables some weapons (You can see them. Normally it would become white around a weapon then holding mouse over it and orange then click upon but it does none of them. Only 2,5 does. They are placed where the orginial TTT item box is.

This is before i did set desc and help. But you can this is based upon width and not height

EDIT : Steam Cloud up again new picture

I really like this, The design really looks great with TTT.

(sorry I cant really help you out, but I really like the idea)

Im making it for my server and Maybe public realase it.

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It is meant to make it faster to find Items

Read around about draw.RoundedBox, start fresh, do not edit anything but design, if you are having issues,

lul draw.RoundedBox naah. Coderhire nope… I fixed myself. Was a overwriting function that broke it

Realesing this in 1 hour.

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Like how AJ disagree Because im not posting a job on Coderhire so he can earn 5$ on a 2 sec fix

Awesome, did you get it fixed?

Small problem :slight_smile: it got overwritten by something else

Ahh, okay. Do you plan on releasing it? I would love something like this for my TTT server.

Go to gamemode & addons realeses. I already realesed it there

I feel the design is lacking. You haven’t really changed much other than repositioned some things. However this inspired me to try and make my own…

Traitor Menu:[/t]

Detective Menu:


Wow! Thats amazing nice job man! :wink:

Thank you. I know I didn’t do a heavy amount with it, but I wanted to make it very obvious it was different from others.

I feel like that circle saying D or T is completely unnecessary and ugly. It just doesn’t fit in.

What would you suggest that I put in its place? I put it there as a cosmetic, but if it seems that it looks ugly then I definitely want to replace it.

I think it’d look much better without anything there, no need to replace it.

Alright, I will do so, thank you.

After removing the role at the top left, definitely looks better.

Excellent man really liking it,

Nice bumb. BTW nice design. Just to annoy just i make a version like your and make it like your and public realese it (ALWAYS WISH TO ANNOY PEOPLE LIKE THAT)