TTT changing traitor playermodel

I figured out a way to change the detective and innocent player models the only issue is I would like a way to change the player model of traitors. The issue with this is if you change the player model you can tell they are a traitor so is there a way to have it only display the player modelf for the traitors if you are a traitor yourself?

*** I don’t think you can make a model show up for differnt people, Like you being batman and the innocents seeing you as batman but the traitors see you as joker. I don’t think it works like that, Probably just me though.***

Edit: I misread that completely sorry lol.

I do think its possible I’ve tried a few half ass method of just rendering it when you are a traitor the issue is they A: arn’t consistent and B: I don’t know how to fix it lol.

A complicated way of doing this would be creating a player model that’s invisible. and then have an entity that follows the player whose model changes depending on who is looking at the player. But I’m no sure if that would work.

Okay suprizingly this works butttt its extreamly laggy so its a no go butttttt now I realized if you change the detecives player model the blue circle goes away no to mention the blue voice chat and scoreboard no longer works just becuase you change the player model? Idk its confusing but does anyone have a solution?

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timer.Create("Timer_CheckDetecive", 1, 0, function()
			for _, player in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
				if player:IsActiveDetective() then 


This is about the only thing I could get working :confused:

anyone have any updates on this?

You don’t need to be looping through every player on the server and setting their model every second. TTT has hooks for the start of the round and you should be able to do your checks and models there, I know TTT has a way to set player models within but I cant remember the specifics of it.

I don’t think this is possible at least in any kind of practical way (Having clients see different player models on the same player). It would be with other entities as Entity:SetModel() is both client and server, but Player:SetModel() is server only and automatically updated across all players.

Unless I’m missing something that someone else knows, I’d give up on the idea as it’d be too much effort for little to no payoff.