TTT Console Spam (any entities that deal damage)

For a few days now, despite my best efforts searching every file (using notepad++ file search of course), I have been unable to locate why that every entity that does damage to any other entity is printed into my server’s console. It makes debugging the code I’ve been working on incredibly difficult when the error messages dissapear with the flood of some incend grenade burning itself.

The Error:

Entity [238][entityflame]
Entity [226][entityflame]
Entity [227][entityflame]
Entity [228][entityflame]
Entity [232][entityflame]
Entity [233][entityflame]
Entity [234][entityflame]
Entity [235][entityflame]
Entity [239][entityflame]
Entity [240][entityflame]

Anyone have any ideas? If it helps, here is my GM:EntityTakeDamage function, though I don’t think anything is wrong here.

function GM:EntityTakeDamage(ent, dmginfo)

   if not IsValid(ent) then return end

   local att = dmginfo:GetAttacker()

   if not GAMEMODE:AllowPVP() then

      -- if player vs player damage, or if damage versus a prop, then zero

      if (ent:IsExplosive() or (ent:IsPlayer() and IsValid(att) and att:IsPlayer())) then




   elseif ent:IsPlayer() then

      GAMEMODE:PlayerTakeDamage(ent, dmginfo:GetInflictor(), att, dmginfo:GetDamage(), dmginfo)

   elseif ent:IsExplosive() then

      -- When a barrel hits a player, that player damages the barrel because

      -- Source physics. This gives stupid results like a player who gets hit

      -- with a barrel being blamed for killing himself or even his attacker.

      if IsValid(att) and att:IsPlayer() and

         dmginfo:IsDamageType(DMG_CRUSH) and

         IsValid(ent:GetPhysicsAttacker()) then





   elseif ent.is_pinned and ent.OnPinnedDamage then





That’s not an error, that’s print being using on an entity. Some addon must be doing this.

I really should’ve been more thorough in my check of the addons. You were right. It was in TTTDeathbadge.