TTT Corpses Are Automatically Identified Upon Death

So, this problem is a little weird, seeing as it wasn’t really a problem before. Basically, when someone dies, their body is already shown as them, and the tab menu shows them as a spectator immediately upon death. The “___ found the body of __?” message does not pop up anymore, even if ‘E’ is pressed on the body. This is likely being caused by a mod I have on the server, but it would take years to discover the mod that causes this. The really strange part is that the mod changes the core of TTT, and once the mod is loaded, the entire game must be uninstalled and installed again to fix the issue. Playing without any addons fixes this behavior. Here is my addon list: I don’t know what is causing this, and I don’t expect it should be easy to fix, but if anyone has had this problem before and was able to fix it, I would greatly appreciate knowing how you did that. I’m pretty much open to any suggestions other than “Reinstall GMod and activate the mods one by one”

Thank you in advanced.

Sorry, but testing your addons is the only realistic way to find the cause. You don’t have to check one-by-one, rather, you can disable them in large groups to slowly narrow it down.

Yes, I suppose that would be the only way, but having to reinstall the game like 3 times is a bit much, I can look into it while the server is without players.

You don’t have to reinstall the game, just disable the addons.

Read my original post.

That is impossible – you probably just aren’t deleting the GMA after you disable you.

The mods aren’t loading, and I’ve tried clearing the cache. I can remove the link to the workshop, but that leaves the issue, and no mods load on the server.