TTT Custom command help!

Well im pretty sure this is easy to do, but i want to make a command for my ttt server, so when you type it in in console, it makes you a traitor, or inno, or detective.

For explain typing “examplecoammnd” in game console will turn me into a traitor, or inno, or detective.

I need someone how can tell me how to make the script, where to put it, and exactly what to write.

Thanks for reading, please help!

forcing traitor and detective:

note; This requires sv_cheats 1, because this is in fact cheating.
You are going to be a much less respected admin if you are traitor 10 times in a row.

Yes i know that way, but is there a way to create a script to force your role to traitor? I’ve seen it done before on other servers. The way you listed is the sv_cheats way which is a no no. Thanks for posting though


Hey do you have ULX i have a custom ulx module i might be willing to share?

why dont you ask syntox #mastercoder, he’s the owner of ur comunity after all