TTT Custom Models

When ever a player who has it on dies their body disappears. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Make sure the model is on the server and you’re sending it to players.

Yes they can all see it fine but when the person dies the body disappears so no one can identify it.
So its getting to them right?

Does this happen with all custom models and NOT the default ones?

Only custom

All custom or only some? That means that their ragdolls are broken or you’re not sending them to clients correctly.

How am I suppose to send them to the clients? I have them downloaded through Fast DL.
Is there another way?

Firstly, are the models in your server’s directory too? Also, you never answered my question.

As in the addons? All the models Iv tested do this

No. Are they in garrysmod/models?

So add the models into there?

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Did not work