TTT Custom Player Models Disappear On Death

So I have looked through lots of different forum posts on the web but can’t find out what’s wrong. When I go to add a custom player model to the point shop on my server it shows up in the point shop and downloads for people but when you die the body just disappears and can’t be id.

The way I add the files to the server are:
Use gmad to extract the player model into a folder
Put the folder into garrysmod/addons
Put the .lua file into garrysmod/addons/lua/items/donator+
Then I go to garrysmod/lua/autorun/server and put a code like this into a workshop.lua file


Then sync the files on the server.

Once this is all done other players download the model and they can see It but the models just disappear when they die.
When the player dies the camera goes into the middle of the map on a angle and there are no errors popping up in console.
Is there something I’m doing wrong during the adding process or is there something else I need to do.

If you could help it would be awesome.

There are literally hundreds of different threads about bodies disappearing.
Sadly a lot of the threads regarding this issue are left unsolved; so lets hope your issue isn’t one of the unsolvable ones.

Try looking at all the resources here and see if anything helps:

I’ve only ever had this error on one of my servers a while back and it was caused by my server being too low on resources (CPU, Ram and such). Does this issue occur all the time or only when your server is heavily populated?

All the time sadly. The basic default player model is fine but its only the custom ones.

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Ok so I got it fixed thanks to one thread. I removed a addon I had that made it say who killed you and what role. So now that is removed it all works fine :smiley: Thanks for the help bro.