TTT Custom Pointshop Player Models disappear upon death.

My TTT Server is 24/7 De_Dolls, and when I have a custom player model and I die there is no ragdoll, instead my body goes to the middle of the map, leaving it impossible to identify my body. If you have some ideas just try and help : )

Are you sending the model to player via FastDL/WorkshopDL?

I had this issue with workshop files (workshop is the worst I swear)
I just used gmad extractor and installed them like a regular addon and it stopped doing that.
but, I have a taser type ragdolling detective gun, and the models that disappeared still fell through the map when they were ragdolled from it. So it sounds like the models are semi-broken. I’d try a non workshop path if you are using that bs.

Workshop has nothing to do with it.

I assume you are using this taser ?

That happens to some of our player models as well, we just removed the problematic player models and moved on.

no it’s like the original heleena model and the problems that were happening before we changed it from the WS (can’t id body since it just vanishes)
like the problems Nutlier was having

I’m not too sure about that. That is the only thing that changed when I got them to work for me. unless you were talking about the stungun thing I brought up, in which case, no it didn’t.
I believe that the workshop doesn’t mount all of the addons properly (maybe it only starts doing that when you have a lot of addons) but the workshop definitely had something to do with it since the method that the models were on my server was the only thing that changed.
it might not with his case