TTT Custom Sounds problem

Hey, so I’m currently trying to add a custom sound to my TTT server for playing via the ulx playsound command.

However, I’m having a fair bit of trouble with it.

I’ve added the sound as a wav to /gamemodes/terrortown/content/sound/ttt
on both the server files and the FastDL server, and the download is working (the file is downloading for people who join).

Furthermore, I’ve added:

to the lua file “forcedl.lua” in my server’s autorun folder.

However, when I try to play the sound, I get:

[LC ULib ERROR] Received invalid sound
You played sound ttt/solgryn.wav

And obviously, the sound doesn’t play.
Any help would be MASSIVE appreciated, as I have to go away for the weekend and would like it done before then. Cheers!

might be wrong, but your resource.AddFile() is referring to an invalid file location

try moving the sound file to your garrysmod/sound/ttt folder (if it doesnt exist, just make it). make sure the bitrate is correct too. check to make sure that you’re downloading the file

There is a plugin for this on the workshop, I recommend you use this as it can be much easier.

I’d put the files in the server’s actual sound directory, then add the resources in your lua to that, instead of the TTT content folder.