TTT Custom Weapon Install On Server

I have a shared.lua file, what do I need to do next? Should I put it in a folder first, like ak47, and then upload it to the server?
I am using MyGameCP and i have made some custom weps for TTT. I was just wondering where I need to put it in the server files. The files I need to put in are the models, the sound and the SWep.
Currently on the cp these are the files I have:

Do I need to add files or should I just put stuff inside HL2. HL2 contains Models, Materials and sounds.
Lastly do I need to upload the models and stuff?

For TTT, any custom weapon you make needs to have its own folder. Like such.


In that, you put your shared.lua and any other files for it. Make sure that any image you have for it is saved into your actual material folders for the server.

Do I need to put the models on the server?

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Found out that the Garry’s mod folder was in orange box, Im all good now