Due to unfortunate events with my pc and myself not being able to access the storage device that holds my clue port I have started a new project. Im hoping to get a adapter by the end of next week though so I should resume then. This current project is called tttt_dam. It is a completly custom idea, not a port and based off hoover dam.

my vision is that is it will have alot of large vertacallity and be a pretty tight map with only a few landmarks. Dam, crane, roads, water treatment areal, and a few steel catwalks at the bottom of the canyon. It will be like a dollhouse map but in a realistic area.
This map is being built in with cooperation of the TTT Reborn team and my own development community New Horizons. If you would like to join the discord here it is New Horizons Community Hub we are actively accepting dev trainees. You dont need to be skilled in s2 to be a trainee they are expected to learn to become a developer.


Damn, I thought for a minute that you permanently lost the TTT_Clue port, which would’ve sucked! It’s looking to be really good.

On the bright side, could’ve been a blessing in disguise given how good TTT_Dam is already looking! Reminds me of the Dam in Half-Life/Black Mesa


Sorry for the lack of updates, Ive been quite bust recently. Goodish news, I should be able to get back to work on clue this weekend so for now this map will be on hold until further notice.


I figure the best way to make an interesting map is to base it around some gigantic ridiculous landmark (like a dam).

A recipe for success!


Hey guys got some great news for everyone! Its been quite a while since Ive posted so all these projects have been left but Im now able to return. Ive been busy with IRL things and haven’t been able to work on this stuff at all but its now over so I have much more time on my hands. Im still unable to finish clue due to my pc issues which Im getting a new one before the end of the year so yay but that wont be worked on. Now another thing that sucks is I lost the map file I was using with damn, butttt I feel this is better as I wasnt fully happy with parts of the map. Ill start posting the pictures daily.

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