TTT damagelog


I own a TTT server and off course there is problems with people rdming and doing stuff they are not suppose to. So have a question. How does one make his damagelog show more things like, thrown grenades, which weapons were used to damage/kill someone else, and also traitors and detectives buying items? That would make it so much easier for me and my admins to do their work. I have not been able to find anything about this.
Thank you so much sincerely FROZEN

The damage log does tell you who dealt damage with a grenade. An Incendiary would tell you multiple instances of 3 damage. A discombob would label someone as the killer if they die by falling. If a traitor is buying detective items that is an issue with your SWEP’s and the roles that were placed in it that was according to who should be able to purchase it.

If you seriously want this you should go to the Hiring thread.

There’s one on the steam workshop that does a really nice job.